My first JavaScript Project — Anime Quote Generator

Working on my first JavaScript project with Flatiron School, I had so many ideas on what I wanted to do. Looking for a free and public API’s was my first challenge working on this project, because the most interesting API’s available required keys. After countless of searches I’ve decided to narrow my interests and create a project that incorporates my love for Anime.

I decided to create a random quote generator using a free, public API. I wanted to make a website for anime lovers to find a quote that they could relate to, either randomly generating it or typing in their favorite characters name and having a random quote of theirs pop up.

I came across many challenges, my biggest challenge was outputting the results from the API onto my webpage.

My original code to get quotes from the API to print on my webpage.

I knew where I wanted to print my code out to, and using fetch I was reassured that it was working, just not the way I wanted it to.

Using .innerText instead of .innerHTML was a better option for me to only print the plain text information in its corresponding values.

‘Random Quote’ button works and outputs the quote in an organized manner.

This project was a great start to my coding journey because of the challenges I had to work through and the confidence I felt every time I corrected a mistake.